Drive Rite Testimonials

AJ Samson. says:


I have learned a lot about driving throughout this course that I wouldn't have learned if i didn't take it. I would strongly recommend it to other people learning how to drive or to people who have been driving for years so that we could also have safer roads. 

Artem L. wrote:


 The course was very well organized and thought out. During the course I got all the necessary understanding and skills to be able to drive safely on my own. My instructor was Savio, who was very knowledgeable and patient during my in-class and in-car lessons. I am very thankful for the education I received and I would definitely recommend this driving school to my friends.


Mr. Abdul H. wrote:


 As someone with previous driving experience I found the lessons in class and on the road to be thorough.I learnt valuable tips and techniques to improve my driving while being safe not just just for myself but for all other road users. I decided to have a few more lessons as I felt it was well worth it to become a confident and knowledgeable driver .I am proud to have learnt and earned the privilege to drive with this driving school.

Mrs. D. Leon wrote:


 My instructor Savio was so patient , clear with the rules in the car and in the classroom.

Savio, I do really appreciate your help,  with out you I could not get my upgraded driving license.

Thank you very much for everything. 

I am really very very happy with Drive Rite  driving school

D. Leon

Richard Calizo says:


Learning from this school gave me a lot of information. The instructor knowledge of driving skills and road experience was extremely helpful. As I speak for my own satisfaction im just happy to recommend taking the school course before taking the road test it was amazing result because i passed.

Ms. R.G. wrote:


The instruction was very technical, yet fun!
Very easy to learn. I was taught how to be a safe driver.
Savio is hilarious, and doesn't make learning driving a chore! I looked forward to my time with him.


Mr. Ravi wrote:


 Great educational service by Mr. Savio Cardoso. Driving school which not only focused on exam but also make sure that every student will be safe driver. Always answered all the questions and wants to accommodate the time as per student's convenience. Highly recommended to learn safe and defensive driving skills. Definitely suggest to join the in-class training. Time to time guest speakers comes to in-class training which is really informative. Learned the skills and rules which might've missed if joined other driving school.

Roxanne A.  wrote:


 Through the in-class and driving sessions I was able to learn things i had no idea bout before. These classes make the rules of the road very clear. I am now confident and smooth with my driving and this helped to assure me a pass on my class 5 driving exam! Thank you Savio!


Mike Smith says:


 Excellent overall experience. I would recommend Savio to anyone that wanted to learn to drive. 

R. Fernandez says:


 Thank you for giving me the knowledge and confident for my driving. When I enroll in this driving school I'm very thankful to Savio coz I learn lots of rules and regulation,traffic laws when  driving.


SN wrote:


 Always thought driving was very difficult. ...but after finishing my course at

Drive-rite driving school it's changed my thoughts on driving .. it's so much easier to sit behind the steering wheel now.. thanks Savio.  Keep up the good work.



K.G. says:


 Savio and Leo are great instructors! They're very patient and calm. They give their very best to their students and they make sure that they are comfortable behind the wheel. If you have any issues or concerns about driving, they help you overcome it. It's so easy to talk to them, they tell you stories and give you advices that really do help. They teach you all you need to know about defensive driving and they take their time doing so, you'll never feel rushed. 

Thank you again!



A. Leach says:


Savio was great and was able to fit me in very last minute. 

I wasn't entirely comfortable driving at first. then took lessons and managed to pass my Class 4 driver exam 100%.




Madi Buckley says:


 I learnt how to drive in this course, and I am very blessed to have been able to know my instructor . I have developed driving skills I hope to continue using and growing for the rest of my life. My instructor was friendly, patient, calm and knowledgeable. I'm very glad I took this driving course,  Thank you Savio!

Mr. M. Bartos wrote:



I would like to say big thank you to Savio Cardoso. His way of teaching me was incredible and it led to get great results. As I can see he improved my driving to be better and more safe driver and now I can benefit from it. (As I have to drive own/company vehicle almost every day.) 

I would always recommend Savio and Drive Rite School as perfect place for all new and even other drivers.
Time availability / explaining difficult situations / applying theory in driving / feedback, all this and more was always great!
Thank you Savio. 


Catherine says:


 It was a good experience learning to drive with Savio. Leaning to drive with someone other than my family made learning to drive much easier.

Mr. Avinash K. wrote:


I wanted to say thank you to Savio Cardoso for a great lessons before my advanced Class 5 test, which completely changed my driving style. He was very calm and insightful, and his years of experience and smooth driving style was really worth learning from.
If it wasn’t for his lesson I would have probably failed the test.
I would highly recommend taking lessons with him as he is a very good instructor.


Shasha  says:


I have a great experience learning to drive with Savio. He is the best instructor.  He is very knowledgeable and responsible. I learned a lot from him. Thanks to him so much!



Ankit Ralhan said:


 I joined Drive rite school and Savio was my Instructor. Though I had 10 years driving experience in my home country I joined the class. But all what he taught me and  the way he taught me during classes was way beyond my expectation. He has good knowledge of defensive driving. I would say his education and experience will make the student very comfortable. The course is value for money. The in-class was very informative, and also helps to reduce the price of insurance. Savio made sure I was comfortable and ready for the test. He made every lesson fun.

I Cleared my Class 5 road test in first attempt with zero mistakes.

I would definitely recommend taking the course with Savio at Drive rite. 

Vebhav says:


 Savio is the best teacher I have seen. He give his best to teach me how to drive safe. I am glad I found him and I pass the exam. The way he teach me is really simple and good. He is really friendly. Thanks to Savio for his time.

Peter Dcruz says:

Very worthwhile course. the in-class was very informative, and will help a great deal with insurance. The in-car portion is even more beneficial. I got Leo as my instructor and he did a fantastic job. He made sure I was comfortable and ready for the test.He was sensitive on mistakes, but made sure you would remember as to fix them. As well, he made every lesson fun and shared some great stories while I learned. I would definitely recommend this program.

Viana said:

Thank you Leo for your calm and helpful manner. I was a nervous driver before having lessons with you. The lessons with you were not only very helpful and comprehensive but also very enjoyable. Thanks so much and I know many other nervous learners will also benefit from your expert training.

What really impressed me about my instructor is that he never let me give up and kept encouraging me. My driving experience with Drive Rite has been quite memorable and I really enjoyed learning with my instructor who I think is the best instructor ever.

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Drive Rite.


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