What is the minimum age I can start my course?

You can enroll anytime.

The minimum age to get  your learner's (class 7) license is 14 years.

You can begin your in-car training anytime after you have your Class 7 license. 




How can I get my class 7 driver's license?

 To get your class 7 Learner driver's license, you need to pass a knowledge test and a vision test at the registry. Again, the minimum age to get  your learner's (class 7) license is 14 years; and parental consent is required if under the age of 18 years.



Where can I get the book to study for my class 7 knowledge test?

  To download the PDF version of the study book for FREE..  ...CLICK HERE 




How can I get my class 5 GDL driver's license?

 To get your class 5 GDL driver's license, you need to pass the basic class 5 road test.

 The student has to book the road test through the registries or Road test booking website.

To be eligible to attempt a Class 5 GDL test, you need to be at-least 16 years old and ALSO should have had your learner's (CLASS 7) license for at-least 1 year. 





Why do I upgrade to a non-GDL/ full class 5 driver's license? Any advantages?

 The GDL Class 5 driver's license comes with a few restrictions. 

And  therefore there are a number of advantages to upgrade to your full class 5 license. Some of which are listed below. 

A GDL driver cannot be an accompanying driver to a learner. A Full Class 5 driver can accompany a learner. 

A GDL driver cannot upgrade to a commercial/professional license. A full Class 5 is required to upgrade to any commercial/professional driver's license.

A GDL driver's license is suspended when the license holder accumulates  8 demerit points; while a full Class 5 driver's license is suspended when it accumulates 15 demerit points.

A GDL driver has ZERO alcohol tolerance. Which means NO ALCOHOL in the blood whatsoever.  

A full Class 5 driver is allowed below 0.05 BAC before a suspension may occur.

Of course, we discourage drinking and driving under any circumstances.

BAC of 0.08 or above will result in criminal charges laid under the criminal code of Canada. 






How can I get my full class 5/ non-GDL class 5/  Advanced class 5 driver's license?

 To exit the GDL program you have to pass the advanced class 5 road test. 

To attempt this road test, you need to be at-least 18 years old and ALSO should have had your GDL class 5 driver's license for at-least 2 years. 

You need to be suspension free for the last 12 months prior to exiting the GDL stage.


Also, drivers having a drivers license from other countries could be exempt from the GDL program. Please contact any registry agent to determine eligibility and know more.


*Any suspensions that interrupt your driving status will affect your eligibility exit date.

If there is doubt to your eligibility, please contact the registry where you plan to take your road test to confirm your eligibility status. 





Do I have to do the classroom sessions before I can do my in-car sessions?

Whatever works for you...  

Though the classroom session compliments the In-car sessions, learning to maneuver and control the car is a 100% hands on skill. 

We are trained to impart knowledge while practical hands-on driving. 


You can start your in-car sessions as soon as you have a class 7 (learner's) licence. 

  Now.. if you do not have your class 7 driver's license, it is better you attend the classroom sessions first, so that you will have the knowledge to clear the class 7 knowledge test at the registries. 



Does my course include road test preparation?

 Yes, we will teach you driving skills to pass the road test, but we focus on making  you a safe and defensive driver. We try and teach techniques that will make you avoid collisions despite the actions of others. 

A lot of new drivers feel that passing the road test is the 'finish-line'. 

 We consider the passing the road test to be the 'starting point'.

From then on, you are responsible to drive safely by yourself. 



How long are the basic road tests?

 The road test is about 25 to 30 minutes long.

 *Since road tests are conducted by Alberta Driver Examiners and not by the driving school, please visit the Road test booking website for more information



Will there be any highway driving in my drivers ed and the test?

 Students are not taken on the highway for the basic class 5 road test.

We still train students to drive on the highway as they will have to drive on the highway once they have their driver's license. 

If you are attempting a Class 5 Advanced or Class 4 road test, then highway driving is a part of the Class 5 advanced / Class 4  road test.





Where will the in-car training take place?

 The in-car training takes place in Canmore and Banff on actual roads.

We would choose roads that are suitable for the students current level of vehicle handling skill.




Does the school book my road test?

 No. The student has to book the road test on their own the Alberta government website. .








Do my course fees include road test fees and car for the road test?

Students has to pay for the road test directly at the registry or ROAD TEST BOOKING WEBSITE when they book their road test. Driving school car for the road test can be provided by the school at an additional charge. 

Please check with the school if the car is available before booking your road test at the registries. 



What if i want to learn a standard transmission car?

 At the moment the school has  only automatic transmission cars. It is easier to  learn to drive on an automatic transmission car and  learn the rules of the road and vehicle control. Once you have your driver's license, you can then learn the use of the clutch on a manual transmission car. When you attempt your road test on a automatic transmission car, there is no restriction on your class 5 driver's license with regards to  driving a manual transmission vehicle. You can, once you are comfortable with driving an automatic transmission car, learn to drive a standard/manual transmission vehicle.




What is the insurance reduction course? Does your school offer it? 

Yes.The school does offer the insurance reduction course.

To get the insurance reduction certificate, the students has to complete 2 components.

1) IN-CAR PORTION: A minimum of 10 hours in the car and achieving a grade of 75% in the in-car component.

2) CLASSROOM PORTION:  A minimum of 15 hours of classroom instruction. A test is administered at the end of the classroom instruction and the students needs to get at least an 80% score.


Once the minimum hours of classroom instruction and in-car driving are achieved and the minimum scores are met in both the components, we issue you a insurance reduction certificate.

Take this certificate to any Alberta Registry Agent's office and  submit a copy of this certificate to your insurance company, and you should have a reduction in your insurance premium.

The certificate gives you 3 years of credit for accident free driving in Canada. Therefore your insurance premium would be what it would otherwise been after 3 years of collision free driving in Canada.



How much could I save in insurance premiums with the insurance reduction certificate from your driving school? 

There are a lot of factors that determine your insurance premiums.

Your age, gender, the type of car you drive, previous traffic violations / previous  tickets, distance driven between home and  work place and average distance for leisure travel are some of the factors that are considered when the insurance company decides your insurance premium. 

Talk to your insurance company and ask the insurance company agent as to how much you could save with the drivers ed certificate. 

Don't take our word for it. 

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Do you have any helpful links and tips on your website ?

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I have some more questions for you. How can I ask you those questions?

 Got more question?? No problem. We are here to help. 


Give us a call. Leave us a voicemail if we cannot get to the phone and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 


Call  Leo Martins:  403-609-2221          


Please leave your name and contact number and we will call you back and our earliest opportunity






Check traffic and road conditions before you leave.


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