Welcome to the DRIVE RITE Driving School.                                           Providing quality driver education to students from Banff, Canmore, Kananaskis, Exshaw and Lake Louise.

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Who We Are & Why We Teach

We at Drive Rite Driving School understand that learning to drive is no small task.

It can not only be stressful, but sometimes nerve-wrecking. 

It takes time and practice to build the confidence and skills necessary to drive safely. 

A supportive, knowledgeable and friendly instructor can make a huge difference in providing  an awesome learning platform, and produce safe and confident drivers.


 At our Driving School, the central focus is to teach students the defensive driving skills they need not only to pass the road test but more importantly, to prepare them as safe drivers who are able to protect themselves on the road despite the action of others.


We truly understand that it is utmost important to be honest and transparent with our dealing and feedback, and live up to the trust you have in us and never compromise on quality. 


We provide In-car practical training and In-depth classroom instruction. 


Vehicle collisions are number one cause of deaths of young drivers between the ages of 16 and 24. We teach our new drivers in the class and behind the wheel on how to identify and avoid hazards before they become dangerous. 

These collision avoidance skills and good driving habits will keep them save for a life time.


We at DRIVE RITE Driving School treat every customer of any age with respect, care and professionalism. We will accommodate to all of our students needs.


Learn to drive or Regain Confidence and Control

If you need to train for your GDL Class 5 licence, Class 5 non GDL drivers license or professional class 4 drivers license, Drive rite driving school can help.


Maybe you have not driven for a while or just wish to build up your confidence.

A refresher lesson could be just what you need.  

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Call  Leo Martins:  403-609-2221          


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Check traffic and road conditions before you leave.


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